Laws of lateness.

nita,sweater,cream,beige jeans,wavy hair, brown boots

,,You don't look late" she told me giving me a suspicious look as I was quietly taking my seat. I looked around. No one noticed that I wasn't on time and I was quite disappointed because I put a lot of effort into sneaking in without making a single sound. 

Actually I made quite a scene, perfect for action movie. I was just thinking about my slalom between the chairs but it was Monday morning which meant everybody was sleeping and no one paid attention to my skills. ,, You even put make up on! Is that's why you late?" I heard. Ok, here we go again. I though. Here I was, ready to inform my dearest friend about laws of lateness and if you want to know them too I may give you few details. 

There was a reason why on this Monday morning I didn't really have this 'late look' that a girl should have if she texted to her friend that she overslept. If we think about it there might be few stages of lateness:

1.Late 2.Late late 3.oh fuck.  

The stage one is the lightness form. Quick glance at the clock, yup I am late, oh well I might still be able to finish that coffee and maybe I will change this top? Not quite sure about the colour... No panic is involved in that process and sometimes (quite a lot!) this lateness can be made on purpose. To be late. Fashionable. 

The stage two is the one I was in today. You are late. Nothing can be done about it. I am really sorry but I can't make myself unlate and if I cannot make myself to be unlate I might as well put my make up on and pick up clothes instead of taking a first thing I grab. At some point time stops and there is no big difference in being late 45 minutes instead of 30. You are in trouble already. Usually this stage is coincidence and it can be observed on Monday mornings before not that important lectures. 

Stage three is well madness. This is the stage when magic happens and all your superpowers are activated. Who knew that you could get ready, eat breakfast and brush your teeth in 5 minutes. Suddenly not only you have something to wear but you can decide on your outfit in a millisecond. This should go to the book with Guinness records. In this stage, due to the superpowers, floo powder and Peter Pan you might make yourself unlate or not that late. Which if you think about it might be quite funny because you would thought it would be easier in a earlier stages but no, why would it be that way. 

It is always best to be on time, to show respect and to avoid running in public. But if you are already late you might as well stop for a second and think what kind of lateness it is. Go and make yourself that coffee, take your time. Don't try to do it quick you will spill it all over yourself. There is actually a law for that and I might talk about it another time.

nita,sweater,cream,beige jeans,wavy hair, brown boots, lake beach,nitabiti

nita,sweater,cream,beige jeans,wavy hair, brown boots, lake beach,nitabiti

nita,sweater,cream,beige jeans,wavy hair, brown boots, lake beach

 Are you someone who respect the rules of lateness or do you hate to be late and in this situation are always in rush?


  1. haha i always feel SO terribly guilty when im late, i just hate it. but on a brighter note, your all nude outfit is super pretty and chic :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Thank you! that is a very good attitude! bet your friends love to make arrangements with you x i try to do my best to be on time but sometimes i just forget how long it takes to get somewhere haha x

  2. Very Nice !
    Kisses my beautiful <3


  3. Very nice oatmeal colour palette xx


    1. thank you! i love this colors, however, i don't wear them half as much as i would like becuse i am always paranoid that i will get them super dirty haha! x

  4. Beautiful neutral outfit paired with what seems like the perfect Winter boot!


    1. Thank you! They were even more perfect with golden chain in the back but i might have broken it... haha so with the precision of a surgeon i had to remove the remains and they survived it !

  5. Beautiful photos! Love your blog, would you like to follow each other?


  6. Sooo beautiful pics, love every single one. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you! x I am still very new to the photo world but i do my best!

  7. loveeeeee

  8. Love the boots and teh colour of your pants, you look amazing!


  9. Such a perfect look!

    You have an amazing blog! I started to
    follow you on GFC. It would be great if
    you follow me back!



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