4 weeks YOGA challenge .

If I see one more picture of super fit girl doing yoga I will go mental " I though scrolling down my pinterest page. They are everywhere. They can keep their balance while standing on one leg and bent in a ways you thought would be impossible for humans. They are so happy, calm and put together. In one word : Annoying. 

I have heard about benefits of yoga.  Fighting depression, solving sleep issues, its calming abilities, it even gets you a better posture! Everything you want in a form of exercise. I have tried it before. I got myself yoga mat, looked for an online class on YouTube and tweeted ,,its yoga time #healthy life". Up to this point I was doing great. Then it was time for actual exercise and things went downhill from that point. 

It's not like I hate exercising. The thing is I get boring insanely fast. It's like my brains hate resting. It's also the reason why I am so terrible at meditation. It's very difficult for me to empty my mind. I still don't know what it even means.  But I've decided to give myself another chance as my anxiety level got high enough to  set off sirens in my brain.  

For next 4 weeks I will do yoga daily for at least 30 minutes. 
It sound scary. It sounds like commitment. But I watched enough Dexter laboratory episodes to know experiments can be fun. 

Have you ever regretted committing to something before you even started doing it?


  1. I don't empty my mind when I do yoga either. I do different routines or attend yoga classes to keep me from getting bored though. :)


  2. Nice :)
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