Here's to (never?) growing up.

You know how sometimes they push kids into the deep water so they can learn how to swim? Those kids never had a swimming lesson before but it doesn't stop the parents from pushing them in.
They will learn or they will drown.

To be honest they are fully aware that drowning isn't really possible. There is lifeguard and the parents are watching. But still, It would be awfully embarrassing thing to fail while other kids are happily splashing around. That's what growing up feels like.

You don't know what to do and if you know what should be done you have minus ten idea how to do it.
Be independent, patient, responsible - that's what you hear all the time. Funny thing is I don't really remember those classes from high school. I think I also missed the ones when they were talking about which forms to fill when you are moving or how to repair your toilet.

But the worst part of growing up is dealing with your friends who refuse to do so. They still live with their parents preparing their food and paying their bills. And you know that you are doing the right thing.

But it is            irritating.


  1. Totally agree: the worst part of growing up is dealing with your friends who refuse to do so!!!
    Great post darling!!!!

    1. Thank you!
      and you know you can roll your eyes only so many times haha! x


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