Ok it is done. I bought it. I was way too excited for this. And probably way too old. But at this moment I couldn't care less. I really should email this to all of my friends. They will love it. Now those stuff are cool.

Sometimes I want things just to poses them not to use them. Sometimes I don't even have an idea how i could use those things. Internet is an amazing place but it has a rather big and dangerous downside.
The downside full of color, weirdness and cuteness. If you just keep looking you are safe but the second you press the buy button you are trapped. One cute weird cup becomes an big order because if you are going to pay for shipping from Japan anyway why not to add few things?

Here are some things I need. okey, things I want. Definitely not need.

Butterfly tea

I don't know what flavor of tea it is and I couldn't care less. Isn't it adorable? This weird thing in a cup is highly suspicious and doesn't look very... tasty  or tea like but hey! the butterfly!! I am sure it would make my mornings better. I could buy a flower tee set and (the shopping phase has began). 

Need this for the beach!!! Hello, Summer!

Is there any rational reason why i didn't own this pillow thingy before? What stopped me?! Well I must admit it doesn't look attractive but just imagine how comfortable it is!! How soft it is! How sweaty it would be after the evening in the sun... But it doesn't matter I still want it and I want it pink.

Girls' glitter pineapple purse

I am so too old for this. It is purse. In a shape of pineapple. Glittery pineapple. What's not to want?! I have zero idea where i would took it (nowhere) or what I would put inside (nothing) but i need it. Maybe I would just put it on the shelf to look more pineapplish I don't know. I should have known not to open the kids accessories section. It never ends well. (Maybe little glittery spongbob is living inside! I need to save his house)

Manatea Tea Infuser. Get in my mug. now.

Well okey that one is just too cute. Admit you want it to. There is not much i could use it for as I am happy owner of box full of tea bags but this cute guy looks like he needs a new home. I bet his name is Jerry, and he like to chill out at the end of the work day with his sea friends. He probably has two kids and a snail named Brownie that he takes to walk each night. Or maybe he is just made out of cheap plastic and shipping him will cost you more than he will ever did. As they say if you don't try you will never know. You may just safe a cute sea family. (any reason to convince yourself is a good reason)

check out those things : 1 / 2 /3 /4

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